Plug-in Requirements

The Southern Israelite Newspapers Archive is presented on the Web using images that can be viewed in any Javascript enabled web browser. No plug-in is required to view the Savannah Historic Newspapers Archive. However, these images are not easily scaled for printing from within your web browser. Instead, PDF files of each page image are provided for saving and printing.

Printing and saving PDFs of page images

To use the PDF files you will need Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher. Use the toolbar within your Adobe Reader window to save or print the page image. If you want to print the currently zoomed section of the page select the option for "current view" in the print dialogue. You may need to expand the "More Options" section to see this.

Linking to pages

Persistent links are provided at the top of each page. For reliable links, use these instead of copying the url from your browser's location bar.

Citing Sources

Please use the following form for citation:

[article title], [newspaper title], [issue date], p.[page number]. Presented online by the Digital Library of Georgia.

Search Tips

  • All (default): All search terms occur in each page.
  • Any (check box): Any or all of the search terms occur in each page.
  • Without the words: Finds results that exclude the specified words.
  • Proximity: Search terms occur within the specified number of words of each other.
  • Truncation: Broaden your search by using an asterisk (*) or question mark (?): e.g. diplom* will find diploma, diplomatic; wom?n will find woman and women.
  • Exact phrase: Double-quotes ("") should be used to specify an exact search: e.g. "opera house."

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